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'' 'Now time for innovation in education' ''

Sconn About

'We think that never thought before,We did that the things never done before.'

We are at your side with our Sconn mobile application to take your language training with you.
We have developed a system that brings you all the possibilities together with your training.
All schools now have Sconn mobile apps.
Besides analyzing your language education, you will find answers to all your other questions.
In our application, you can see the share of school or student, join the established groups and be informed instantly about all the innovations.
At the same time, you can create activities with your school or your friends who have participated in the same period with you, and you can follow many activities closely with Sconn.
With this application, you do not need to go to the school to get information.
All you have to do is to download and sign in with your school password.


You can reach the important announcements that your school wants you to reach from this section


You can get detailed information about all social activities


You can see all the images your school has added.

My School


You no longer have to go to the school to learn about your school's informational.


Pdf documents added by the school can be viewed here, you can download it to your phone if necessary

Level Test

Do you have english exam?You can solve it in a few steps without coming to the school.


Thanks to Scon's management panel, you can easily manage all the features of the application, make custom edits and shares


By sending a one-button notification to all schools, you can send your important information to your students at school.